Pen Pal Pet

Where does my creativity come from? It’s hereditary, and here’s my proof.
This is a letter from my Nana to my daughter.

[The envelope was addressed to my daughter from Marshall, Nana’s dog]
Dear Eve,
I am chasing lizards today! It is warmer at my house and I found my first lizard under the trunk in the backyard that holds the small succulents for my mom.
I am writing you with a tear in my eye and a hurt in my heart (and my mom, your Nana, was mad at me for what I did). I am so very sorry that I got so upset and scared and agitated that I bit you, Eve, and snapped at Warren! Sometimes the high squeals oft he babies and the toddlers really hurts my ears and I panic because I cannot stop the noise. I also panic when everyone starts moving and I know people are leaving but I don’t know WHO is leaving. I am very afraid of being left alone or that my mom is leaving me. I am silly (and I have a little brain) HOWEVER, those are not excuses for my behavior. I love you both very much (and Kristen too). I look froward to seeing you each time I come to Mimi’s house. I would never hurt you and I must have more self-control or my mom will have to take me away, which I do not want. Please, please for give me and know I love your gentle hands petting my head.
Your friend forever,

Isn’t that the sweetest? I love it!

I have a very strong memory of my Nana telling me stories. Most prominent is the story of “The Little Seed”, which was a story about a flower growing in a little pot that my Nana recorded on a tape for me and my siblings. I remember sitting in front of the big tape player and listening to my Nana’s voice through the speaker, totally transfixed by her voice. I loved that story, I would play it in my head when I had trouble falling asleep.

I have many other “sources” for my creativity, and we can debate nature vs. nurture, but my Nana’s creativity has definitely rubbed off on me!

Soli Deo Gloria

One thought on “Pen Pal Pet

  1. Oh what a sweet blessing this am!!
    You are so very talented and if even a morsel came from me I am thankful.
    Best of all you are a believer in Jesus Christ. Praise be to God!

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