Grab and Go Mini Purse

Big time Mom Hack coming your way!
The-purse-within-a-purse technique, or “mom essentials kit”. I started doing this when I was pregnant with my third because I didn’t want to carry a diaper bag and my purse all the time. I would take out my wallet, keys, chapstick, sunglasses, and maybe a pen or one other random item and stick it in the diaper bag. Great idea, right!

Problem became when I would switch back to my purse something would get left behind in the diaper bag. Hard to do a grocery run peacefully after the kids go to bed when you leave your wallet at home in the diaper bag! Introducing the Mini Purse! (I know, it’s typically called a clutch, but I like “Mini Purse”!)

Check this out! How convenient is that?

This little Brahmin clutch is just perfect! Yes, I really can fit all of that in there!

I searched all over Brahmin’s online store, but I COULD NOT find my exact clutch. But I did find a couple other options:

Disclaimer: None of the following pictures belong to me. All pictures below are from the corresponding links provided for each product.

This Mini is slightly larger than mine, and mine does not have any straps:

Or this Clutch, which is a little smaller than mine, but very close:

Since Brahmin is what I have, I thought I’d show you that first.
Although you can’t beat Brahmin for style and quality, it is a name brand, so it’s not always in the budget. Trust me, I get that.
So, I searched around online for some “budget friendly” options that will serve the same function, and get the similar style too.

Here’s what I found at good ol’ Targét!

These three fit the function and style best, and I love that Target price!
Left: Women’s Soft Pouch – Universal Thread™ for $9.99
Top Right: Classic Snakeskin Wristlet Pouch – A New Day Brown for $12.99
Bottom Right: Clutch – A New Day™ Cognac for $12.99

At the time I looked at this, all three were available online. You can also check online to see if the Target near you has them available. If it isn’t there, but at another close by, they can ship it to your store for free!

Enjoy friends! Shop, organize, style, and #momhustle for God’s glory!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Finding My Style – A New Beginning

This post needs a little intro.

The last time I really felt confident about my personal style was when I was in college, about 5 years ago.
Since then, I’ve gotten married and had three kids. A lot has changed for me in a relatively short time. I am in a very different phase of life, and my college-student-style no longer works for me now as a mom-of-three-littles.
So, yesterday, I took my sister shopping with me to figure out my sizes (I have never actually shopped in women’s and didn’t know what size I am!) and get a better idea of what my style is.

After our trip, we decided two things:

  1. My style has definitely changed to something more “grown up”
  2. It’s still a work in progress!

I have a better idea of what I like, what is out there, and what fits me, but I haven’t really nailed it down yet. Maybe I never will, but that’s fine with me, because that keeps me from settling and pushes me to keep being creative.

I am not a big shopper, but I love a great sale, and there are some really good ones going on right now, including the Nordstrom’s Annual Sale coming up next week!

Here’s what I found that I liked:

First up, Francesca’s (which is having an online only sale of 30% off full-priced items site wide, and is having their semi-annual sale. You can really get some good deals on clearance items with this sale.)
This is my sister’s go-to store, so this was her pick to start us off. She pick out this top and mini-skirt. She really wanted to see me in a jean skirt! I liked it, but I didn’t love it. The fact it’s a mini-skirt and I’m bending down to take care of my kids all the time is a big reason why this length is a no-no for me right now. The shirt, however, I loved! The style, the material, and the color were a yes for me.

Up next, Nordstrom! (Their Annual Sale is coming up next week!)
My aunt worked at Nordstrom for a long time, and I kind of grew up shopping here with my family, so it’s kind of a favorite of mine. I feel pretty comfortable browsing here, and I like a lot of what I see.
We found pants at Nordy’s. I’m a fan of cropped, green pants apparently! Love the style of both the cargo pants and the printed drawstring pants. They are a bit on the casual side, comfortable, and cute.
The shirt looks cute, but, for the record, it is partially see-through (which is why I was trying on the black) yet the material traps your body heat and within ten minutes I was uncomfortably hot!

Finally, was Loft. Whenever I pass this store, I love what I see. I’ve just never been brave enough to go in and really look around, like to was “too grown up” for me. Well, lesson learned, I’m grown up enough for it, and I loved what I found here! It was definitely motivating to see that they were having a huge sale, too. Extra 60% off sale items! Yes, please.

Clearly, red and polka dots were the winners at Loft. I liked the polka dot wrap skirt as soon as I saw it, and once I put it on, I was in love.
The shirt is also a wrap style, not too low cut, and the flared arms just won me over. Oh, and the polka dots and stripes together? Yes, yes, yes.

Okay, now for the shocker (well, shocker for me). The last time I wore flared pants I was a pre-teen, and I hated the style. It made me feel even more awkward and skinny, like a literal bell. Hated it.
So, when my sister picked out these bright red, cropped, wide legged pants for me to try on, I was super hesitant. I almost just said “no, forget it, not putting them on”, but I did it. You know what? I liked them!
They make me look taller (rather than skinnier), hug my form in a flattering way, and I even liked the bright red color on me. Now, go figure they are a best seller at Loft too.

Thanks sis for pushing me out of my comfort zone!

I learned a little about myself on this little sister shopping trip, too.
I learned:
I like to be creative with clothes.
I like to shop for myself.
I tend to like a more sophisticated style, but comfort is still of primary importance to me.
I like the way I look in red.
I am a size smaller than I thought.
I need to work on my mirror selfie game.

And I should even seek to dress for God’s glory.

Soli Deo Gloria!

My go-to outfit

It’s been a wonderful weather around here!
Cloudy mornings, daily high ranging from 75-80 degrees, so so nice, especially for June in Southern California. This is really my favorite weather, particularly because I get to wear my favorite things:
jeans, cardigan, and flip flops.

Comfy mom-style to the max, am I right?!

But my absolute favorite about this style: My purse and shoes.

I’ve had these Rainbows for at least 5yrs (probably longer) and I love them. They are the most comfortable sandal I’ve ever had, I’ve yet to find a sandal that comes even close to their simplicity and comfort.

My The Sak crossbody purse is an all day, everyday, can hold everything, but doesn’t weigh a ton kind of purse. What’s not to love?

I tried in vain to find the exact style of my purse, I believe it’s a discontinued style. They do have lots of size and style options on The Sak site that I found. I personally like their leather bags best.

My shoes are another story. I’m a pretty traditional gal, so the rainbow sandals I have are the classic Single Layer Premier Leather with Arch Support and a Narrow Strap. It even says on their site: “If any sandal says Rainbow, this is it!”

Mommy Make-up: quick and affordable!

10ish minutes is about all the time I have to do any kind of make-up. On a good day (i.e. when my husband is home) I have about 15-20 minutes. With little kids, I don’t really have a lot of time to dedicate to putting on make-up.
However, I do like to take a little time to “put my face on” as my Nana says. Putting my make-up on, however minimal it is, helps me feel like I’m put together, and ready for the day.

Morning light in our teeny tiny bathroom is a little intense!

I am not a morning person, but my kids are morning people (my daughter regularly gets up at 6am)! So, my make-up routine doesn’t happen until about 8 or 8:30.

Here is what I am currently using on a daily basis:


Sometimes I splurge on different brands, but I pretty much stick with “drug store” make-up. (Affiliate links below)

1. Maybelline Makeup Dream Fresh BB cream – I used the light/medium color
2. L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics True Match Super-Blendable Multi-Use Concealer Makeup – I love the blender tip. It’s so easy to apply anywhere on my face, even under my eyelids for those sleepy circles under my eyes! I used the fair N-1 color.
3. theBalm Balm Springs Blush Highlighter – This is my splurge item right now. I have the travel size right now, and will use it until it runs out! Usually, I will use L’Oreal True Match Blush but I don’t have a color I’m settled on for the L’Oreal blush.
4. I like to use an angle brush to apply my blush. I’m not 100% sure what brand this one I’m using is (pregnant brain!).
Here are a couple options for an angle brush I like and have used before:
i on Beauty Geo-Friendly Angle Blush Brush
e.l.f. Angled Blush Brush

See my little “helper” 😉 She loves anytime Mommy does anything in the bathroom.

Hope some of you feel inspired to maybe do a little bit to “freshen up” (another Nana phrase). It’s not hard, or expensive. Just takes a few minutes, and some patience with the little ones. I’m clearly not a make-up professional, but I know what my hubby likes. 😉
Little motivation there, heehee!


Soli Deo Gloria

Cold relief while pregnant

I think just knowing that you can’t use the usual over the counter medicine to help ease cold symptoms makes having a cold while pregnant 1000x worse!

I’m just getting over a cold, though I still have some left over congestion and sinus pressure. At 32 weeks pregnant, there were so many things I could not do to get relief! (I cried at one point just thinking about it…)

So! What did I do to get relief?

(Affiliate links included in post)

1. Tea

Lots and lots of tea. I drank tea to sooth my sore throat, and sniffed the steam from a fresh, hot cup to help with my sinuses.

I drank:
Throat coat tea – I prefer this one by Traditional Medicinals, but there are other brands that have throat coat tea out there too!
This tea was my go-to as a singer in high school! Amazingly soothing for a sore throat.

71KcDzFPJnL._SY679_.jpg                             51gJapeE4-L.jpg

Peppermint tea – Again, lots of peppermint teas out there, I just LOVE Twinnings 🙂
There is something so reassuring in a cup of peppermint tea, for me. As a kid, it was the only tea I would try, so maybe it’s a nostalgia thing for me.


2. Soup

I had no appetite, but I’m a skinny gal, with low blood pressure, and a baby growing in my belly. Getting food in me is a must!

My sweet hubby stocked up on some Lipton noodle soup packets, and we had a package of egg noodles in the cabinet. Together they made a pretty filling meal. I also added ground ginger, and ground cumin to my soup, again to help with my sinuses, and crazy congestion.
(With cough syrup being off limits, anything helps, right?!)



3. Steam

So simple, and yet, so much relief! I took a wash cloth, ran some super hot water, and held the wash cloth over my face so all the steam was going right into my nose and mouth. This trick opened up my airways tremendously!



I hope these tips help some struggling fellow mamas out there! Get some extra sleep if you can, and lots of water (as usual)!


Soli Deo Gloria!

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